Danny Hozack At the same time that Alberta taxpayers contend with what’s going on in Edmonton, we also need to be thinking about our flanks, recognizing that Ontario and Quebec are using debt to paint themselves into a corner, and like Europe, at some point their debt will affect us. Between them, Ontario and Quebec owe more than Greece. Greece’s debt is just under $400 billion. Ontario and Quebec owe more than $500 billion. Continue...

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Fostering Economic Freedom through Education

Economic Education Association/FreedomTalk.caEconomic freedom is one of the most important considerations in the history of the world. It has helped billions of people escape poverty, become healthier, wealthier, educated, and live longer.

Yet most people go through life never actually understanding what economic freedom is, how it works, or why it works. How many voters or taxpayers do you know who can explain the difference in impact when $1,000 is spent by the government versus what happens when that same $1,000 is spent by an individual or business in the private sector. Continue...

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Nearly Century Old Alberta Landowner Rights Eliminated by New Legislation (Part Two)

Nearly Century Old Alberta Landowner Rights Eliminated by New LegislationRadioPart 2 of a two part program on property rights, the rule of law, and exactly how the Alberta government’s new legislation creating a super energy regulator (Bill 2) will eliminate the long standing legal rights of provincial landowners. The program panel includes Dr. Russell Brown, Associate Law Professor and an Associate Dean at the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta; Keith Wilson, an Edmonton area lawyer whose law practice focuses almost exclusively on agricultural issues and landowner rights; Danny Hozack, a Lloydminster area rancher and farmer who is a past chairman of Alberta Beef Producers. Continue...


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Essentials of Freedom Conference 2016, 2015, 2014

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How Parliament is Supposed to Work


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The HIgh River Gun Grab

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The Morality of Capitalism

You can download the very rich and highly readable 30-page introduction to the book, The Morality of Capitalism, free of charge, by simply clicking the link below (PDF). The book is a project of Students For Liberty and the Atlas Network. It combines the writings of renowned economists, philosophers, historians, policy experts, and entrepreneurs from around the world to make the case that not only do free markets “deliver the goods,” but that genuine free market capitalism is a truly just and moral system.


The Atlas Economic Research Foundation can be accessed here...

The Morality of Business

David MacKey of Whole Foods explains the morality of business and the impact that business has had upon all of humanity, including our living standards, our health, and life expectancy.

The Morality of Co-operation

David Boaz explains how free markets not only encourage competition, but co-operation.

The Difference Between Political Freedom and Economic Freedom...

The Difference between Political Freedom and Economic FreedomIn Greece, every 18-year old can vote, enjoying what most people would call political freedom. Yet because the Greek government earlier abandoned the disciplines that protect economic freedom, the Greek economy is shrinking, and these same teenagers are going to be forced to work their entire lives within a crippled economy, paying horrendous tax rates to cover the cost of benefits their older countrymen have already consumed.

These 18-year olds have political freedom. What they don’t have is economic freedom.











JOHN ROBSON - Been There,
Done That, Shouldn't Have

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For a Less Perfect Union

Of Death and Deficits

The Midas Touch

Brain Wreck

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Articles - Highlights

How the Free Market Caused an Explosion in the Number of Southern White Rhinos The Free Market and Southern White Rhinos
In 1900, the southern white rhinoceros was the most endangered of the world's five rhinoceros species... Continue...

How Big Business In Its Truest Sense Has Been a Blessing How Big Business In Its Truest Sense Has Been a Blessing

Why Parliament Waged War Against the Crown Ranching 101 & Why Parliament Waged War on the Crown


Pizza, Democracy, and Freedom Pizza, Democracy and Freedom

Russell BrownSome Flat Out Wrong Statements

Just prior to being appointed as a judge of Her Majesty’s Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta, Russ Brown, former Associate Dean at the Faculty of Law, pointed out that statements by the Alberta government defending Bill 2 are flat out wrong. Justice Brown was appointed to the court in early February of this year. Continue...


The Fixed Quantity of Wealth Fallacy

The essence of the fixed quantity of wealth fallacy is the claim that wealth cannot be created, only rearranged. Suppose you believe that. What follows?

You look at the world, and you see rich people getting their hands on more and more wealth. They can’t have added to the sum total of wealth, because wealth isn’t like that. Wealth can’t be added to. Therefore these rich people must have stolen their wealth from others. The only question is: from whom?

Karl Marx supplied the first great answer to this question. The rich capitalists were getting richer by stealing from their workers, who were thus inevitably getting poorer. (And eventually the workers, in a despairing fury, would rise up and destroy the capitalists.) Marx greeted every tremor of economic difficulty in the latter half of the nineteenth century as the beginning of the end for capitalism, and he fiddled the numbers to try to prove that despite all appearances the workers were getting ever poorer, and that they would accordingly oblige with a revolution.

By the beginning of the twentieth century the Marxist melodrama had become impossible to believe in any more. The poor people of the rich countries were, in defiance of Marx, getting steadily less poor. Continue...

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